Karin Skiöld Green
Visual Creator

A multifaceted visual creator with an eye for design.

Who am I?

I'm Karin Skiöld Green and my big passion is visual storytelling.
I have a wide-range of experiences with various visual mediums such as film, video games, graphic design and photography.

Due to my education taking precedent, I am no longer taking commissions.
My contact information can be found at the bottom for those wishing to contact me for other inquiries.

Karin SKiöld Green

Film Projects

Various film projects I have worked on, ranging from university productions to independent projects.

The Rythm Master

2020. Shortfilm that was never truly finished due to the covid pandemic restrictions. Yet I mainly worked as an assistant director and photographer.

Don't drink and drive

2020. An example of a PIF film concerning drinking and driving. This film was only for example purposes and was not commissioned by Trafikverket. Here I worked as photographer.

The train to Norway

2012. Shortfilm made during my early education. Here I mainly did boom operation and sound mixing.

Newsprogram Intro Spoof

2014. An intro reel of a humoristic, fictional newsprogram.
Graphics and editing done by me. Given strict restrictions by the Director.

Graphic Design

An assortment of posters and cards. Done by commissions.


A small assortment of the various photography I've done, mainly as a hobby or sales as stock photos.